Fundraising Teams

Have a greater impact on the (un)adopted by becoming an individual fundraiser or by inviting othersto join you on a fundraising team .

Follow these instructions to set up a Team Fundraising Page:

  1. Select your state run location or the “Run Where You Are” option from the tab at the top of the page.
  2. Select “Register Today”.
  3. Select “Donate” on the left side of the screen.
  4. Select “Become a Fundraiser

Click here for step-by-step instructions Run for One on how to set up a fundraising page or become part of a team.

Click here to download the team leader guide.

What is an individual fundraiser or fundraising team?

A fundraiser is an individual or group of people that commit to raise money to support (un)adopted through the Run for One. This could be one person or 200 who work together to reach your fundraising goal!

An individual or team:

  1. Registers for the R(un) for One in your city (
  2. Sets up a fundraising page on Run SignUp. See instructions above.
  3. Let family and friends know you are running in the race, why you are supporting (un)adopted and why they should too. Ask them to give towards (un)adopted through your fundraising page. The system has the ability to send emails to your contacts or connect social media with a direct link to your fundraising page so spreading the word is easy.

Why do a fundraising team?

You are able to have a greater impact on the lives of the (un)adopted across the world.


This is what your team fundraising could do:

  1. Provide an education and loving environment for 13 children who are deaf in Uganda.
  2. Provide ongoing support for Lifeline’s Foster Center in China, as well as continued training for their caregivers.
  3. Help to launch a sewing center in Uganda which will provide support to the deaf and blind school there and provide jobs for women in the community.


What happens if my team doesn’t reach their fundraising goal? It is okay. The fundraising goal for the entire R(un) for One is $150,000. We know this is a big goal, but we wanted a big target for each team to shoot for. Ultimately we are thankful for any amount a fundraising team is able to raise whether that be $500 or $5000.

Does my fundraising team still have to register for the run? Yes. The fundraising side of things and the run registration are two separate processes. If your team members do want to run they will need to register. If they can’t come to the run or just want to come hang out and not run that is perfectly fine!

Questions? Contact Krystal Brummitt at or at 205.940.4623